Manufacturing facility of FRASSINOX BOŽIĆ d.o.o. is located in Donja Stubica and was built in 1978. Later it was expanded and today performs production activities in same facility in Donja Stubica. Company conduct their business activities on the Croatian territory, and all former republics of ex-Yugoslavia and it is also present in the area of EU countries (Austria, Germany, etc.).

Business activities are solely related to the production equipment in the food industry:

  • Processing of milk (making production lines for yogurt, production lines for UHT milk, production lines for fresh milk, production lines for milk desserts, lines of various cheeses and cottage cheese )
  • Processing of juices
  • Water treatment (making lines for washing of technological plants, production lines for preparing water for dialysis, production lines for city water).

The company has participated in the construction of the dairy farms on the territory of the Croatian Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia and milk coolers on the entire area.

The company has operated for 12 years in republic BiH and republic of Serbia and now 30 years in the Republic of Croatia.

It should be emphasized that during the 39 years the company operated under several different names but did not change its product range, therefore on the existing location production takes a full 33 years. Within the company since 1999 the car service for brand KIA is existing.

The company possesses the necessary certificates for services on domestic and foreign markets that are aligned with EU standards and apply to the total territory of the EU.


Name: FRASSINOX BOŽIĆ D.O.O. za proizvodnju i usluge


Headquarters: Zagreb, Horvaćanska cesta 31c

Place and number of registry at the commercial court: Commercial Court of Zagreb Tt-08/4639-2

MB: 2363151 MBS:080651906

OIB: 06204130015

Transaction accounts and bank names: HR5323600001102060357

Director: Marijan Božić