Production program

production lines for yoghurt, cheese, meat and ice cream
cheese dairies (100 – 20 000 tons of cheese per year)
production of equipment for the dairy, breweries, pharmaceutical industry, waste water treatment and drinking water plants
automatic CIP stations, systems for dosing liquid vegetable oil and sugar
complete plants for processing of juices and milk
preparation of a feasibility study and documentation for IPARD programs
production of equipment in the food and chemical industry
stainless steel tanks (isolated, non-isolated), volume (V) 500 – 200 000 liters
double-jacket tanks 50-100 000 liters
servicing, assembling and production of parts of pumps (centrifugal, self-priming, positive)
manufacture and service of the milk coolers (lactofreeze) 100 – 25 000 liters
production of stainless steel components (t-pieces, union, coupling, CIP head, sampling valves, reductions, elbows)
design and installation of stainless steel pipelines
servicing of pasteur, separators, filling machines
production of stainless steel containers for fruit pastes and concentrates
production of stainless steel tanks for transportation of food
cheese vats (Schuldenburg type) 1000 – 5000 liters
measuring containers (standards) 3 – 1000 liters